In this short article, we are going to connect two form fields using exportAs. it will help us to write a dry code.

Let first understand the problem statement.

We are developing an app where we need to repeat the above implementation in many places. Where we are changing the Placeholder according to the selected country code. we were repeating the following step whenever we need to implement it.

I just want to share my experience by showing the loader on the web app, when HTTP requests or any async processes are calling.

Last month our UI/UX team decided to show the loader on the button instead of showing a progress bar on top of the page and also our QA team reported bugs about preventing the users from the double click.

The following problems need to be resolved.


Before starting the coding phase of our project, we need to choose, which design patterns will be implemented in our project. which help the team member to use these design pattern as a template for their code.

The Design Pattern

The problem that we are trying to resolve is already solved by pattern is the mature solution of the commonly occurred problem, which resolved by experienced developers. It gives life to our project. It will help the project to sustain for the long term by adding features, with less modification. Even you can explain your thoughts to fellows without getting into detailed…

Most of the interview questions ever I heard from friends and colleagues, about how to remove duplication from the array. in this article, we will focus on how effectively we can remove duplication and return a unique array. let’s jump to the problem and their solution.


let say we have an array with duplication [1,2,2,3,3] and we want to get a unique array [1,2,3].

Solution # 1 using nested loop


if you look at the “getUniqueArray” function take an array. it consists of a nested loop. outer loop iterate over the “input array” and nest loop check for …

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